QuickBooks Advancement Chronicle (2009-2014)

QuickBooks Advancement ChronicleQuickBooks is the easiest accounting software that has touched the financial arena with great intensity in almost all parts of the world let alone US, Canada and UK.  Since the time of its origin, regular updates and modifications are performed each year to deliver accountants with manageable, updated and easy-to-use accounting software that does not call for expertise in management of finances. The advancements through the life cycle of cloud QuickBooks Accounting Software (2009-2014) can be unveiled as follows:

  1. Earlier version required manual updates: The QuickBooks 2009 version required manual updates which was not easy for non- technical persons and thus accountants. This problem is resolved with automatic updates introduced in the latter releases of QuickBooks.
  2. Payroll system was absent in 2009 series: Payroll system is the backbone of every business. It was realised later that QB 2009 application lacked the module. This feature was thus added in versions following the release of 2009. 
  3. Email attachment enhancements: In QuickBooks 2010 and older versions of QB, there was no provision for including attachments in mails. With the addition of this facility in all its new versions from 2011- 2014, the details of invoice can be sent along with mail and thus a considerable amount of time and effort is saved especially when the accountant needs to send invoices to multiple clients. 
  4. Better Merchant and Billing Services in the latest version: In the latest versions of QB 2014, the merchant and billing facility is much better than its older versions. With the new billing system GUI, it’s much easier and convenient to perform related activities. 
  5. Better employee organizer: The old versions of QuickBooks were very basic in nature and can be seen as being in an introductory stage. Therefore, they were having limited features. Now with hierarchical employee structure and betterment of payroll in versions succeeding 2009, QB organization has definitely been framed effectively. 
  6. Introduction of spell checking option: In the QuickBooks 2009 version, there was no facility for spell check in office documents. The latter versions of QuickBooks however are facilitated with this great feature thereby ensuring minimal spelling or typing errors. 
  7. Authentication to view transaction details: Earlier in QuickBooks 2009 and 2010, there was no security check on the transaction details. In all QB versions following 2010, the transaction details have been secured and can be accessed only by those users to whom access is granted by administrator. 
  8. Swiftness in processing of large size files: With the advancement of technology in the latest versions of QuickBooks software, the configuration has also improved over time. Processor enhancements led to high speed processing improvements in each release since 2009 and the time to process large files has seen continuous downfall since then.

With the latest version of QuickBooks, accountants can set their benchmark of financial business tasks and take it to the new heights while walking hand-in-hand with easy time management and enhanced working efficacy.

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