QuickBooks Hosting Is A Fundamental Accounting Solution!

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software currently available in the market. QuickBooks can be installed and run on a company’s local computers or it can be accessed as a hosted application via a QuickBooks hosting service provider. The first choice of running QuickBooks application by a company itself is the best option only when that company has all the required resources to do so. Only big companies can afford such an expensive venture. For small and medium size businesses (SMBs) running in-house QuickBooks software is definitely an unfriendly option.

If your small company opts to run QuickBooks application by using its own infrastructure and IT staff, it can turn out to be a disaster as it can burn out every bit of company’s finance. Also, your IT staff will spend an immense amount of time on operating and running QuickBooks. Your staff will not be able to concentrate on core business activities, and this, in turn, can significantly lower your revenue. Running on premises QuickBooks software will, thus, result in loss of money, time, and man power.

It is best to run data intensive applications, like QuickBooks software, by taking the services of a competent QuickBooks hosting service provider. Some of the advantages that one gets by QuickBooks hosting are enumerated below. Reduction in costs, robust data backup, full scalability, and option to get hosted any QuickBooks version, are some of the benefits. Scalability allows you to add or subtract resources in accordance with the demands. Host’s servers utilize the most advanced technology available, and servers run on very high speed SCSI disks.

QuickBooks hosting provides multiple user access to the same file. You can access your data from anyplace and at anytime through Internet. All servers hosting your applications are located at robust data centers in earthquake free zones with redundant power source, air-conditioning, and biometric security. Data Centers have multiple internet backbone providers with ultra-high cumulative bandwidth. Your business gets complete enterprise-level security, and unlimited technical support totally free.

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