Cloud Hosting Is A Complete Hosting Solution!

Running applications and software, by using your own infrastructure and IT staff, can turn out to be a nightmare as it can squeeze out every penny out of your pocket. Also, your IT staff would require spending a large amount of time on operating and maintaining your application’s running status. So, your staff would go out of focus from your core business activities, and this, in turn, can make your business productivity to suffer. Running in-house applications will, thus, result in loss of money, time, and workforce. So, running in-house applications is definitely a very unfitting option, at least, for small and medium size businesses (SMBs).

It is best to run data intensive applications and software by taking the services of a trusted and experienced cloud and application hosting service provider. Some of the benefits provided by cloud hosting are given here. Saving your money and providing your business full scalability are the two very important benefits. Scalability allows you to add or subtract capacity as per your business requirements. Cloud host’s servers utilize the latest and fastest Intel Chips available. Cloud hosting provider’s servers run on very high speed disks to ensure high performance.

When data is entered in one place it gets automatically backed-up in another place to prevent down time. Even in the event of a natural disaster, your data is still recoverable. All servers hosting your applications are located at robust data centers in earthquake free zones with redundant power source, air-conditioning, and biometric security. Data Centers have multiple internet backbone providers with ultra-high cumulative bandwidth. Cloud host ensures that you are always at peace regarding your hosted data. As data is stored on cloud host’s servers, you do not have to worry about lost, damaged, or stolen data. Besides all the above, your business gets always-on free expert support service from your software’s host.

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