Application Hosting and Cloud Computing: Need of the day for new businesses

Many of the people have asked me about Application hosting and Cloud computing. They are really curious to know about this concept as they got to know that it is one of the cost saving concepts which can enable them to grow at a sustainable rate and let them compete with other companies which are comparatively strong on financial ground. Finally this concept is getting the place it deserves. Yes Cloud computing is a very vast but useful concept which includes Application hosting, Database hosting, Email Hosting, Web hosting etc. It is best suitable platform for the small and medium business houses relying heavily on IT infrastructure and would be benefited in case they get cheap but high quality infrastructure.

Well, if they go for investing in the same it is going to consume most of their business capital and then one may require some IT geeks available always to cope up with any kind of crisis situation. So Salary bill will also be there to be paid every month and making sustainable profit to survive in the market after the huge investment would be a dream only. So, it can be a very risky venture as one cannot run the business for long without earning sufficient margin on the cost. This may also result into early exit from the market.

Cloud computing is the solution for the same. Businesses can have excellent IT infrastructure on a very cheap price as it comes on sharing basis and one will be charged on the basis of usage which will be far lesser monthly bill one will be having while going for installation and maintenance of the physical IT infrastructure at company premises. Not only IT infrastructure but one can go for application hosting which is a small but important part of cloud computing where the person will be able to access his/her application from anywhere without getting bothered about global location and at the same time one will be free from his/her system. All the application and data saved by him would be stored on a centralized server which will make real time collaboration and pace of work will be improved tremendously. Two people working in different locations would be able to work on the same desktop and share the data with each other as they are sitting adjacently.

As far as maintenance of infrastructure and security of data is concerned, one should not worry about that as most of application hosting service provider are providing free maintenance and data backup services to the clients as after sales service. And one can approach their technical support team whenever he wishes to. That means they are 24*7*365 available. At the same time most of the companies are also taking care of data backup and one can ask for data restoration in case some data got deleted or edited by mistake. Third parties are also taking care of data security and using latest encryption technology to provide reliable and hassle free service to the client. The last benefit one can draw is that he/she can chose the monthly payment plan where they are free to leave the application hosting service provider in case of poor quality service as the month gets over.

I feel that technology has advanced a lot and it has advanced for the betterment of the people and community. Few people may say that it is a shortcut but this shortcut is open for everyone. One should go for such technology like cloud computing which can ultimately benefit those people who are having good business mind and plans but not the financial capacity to execute them.

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