QuickBooks Hosting Answers “Why So Many CPAs Are Losing Their Clients?”

QuickBooks HostingWhen a client switches from one CPA to another, there is always a tagline that they use for switching “My CPA used to spend the entire day on the company files and would hand me a bill and a voucher that I have to pay to someone.” Value for money is what the customers expect at this moment. The loss of a client due to work overload is reasonable but there are many CPAs who are losing their work because of their bad experience with QuickBooks hosting services. Does that sound reasonable? This is the perspective that most of them are lagging in understanding why they are suffering this loss of clients.

Speed and ease of usage are the two things that most of the users desire. There is always a difference when a CPA is dealing with financial information and when an ordinary user is dealing with the same. This means that the professional accountants are not likely to invest their time in understanding the “How To?” of QuickBooks but the technical issues relating to the QuickBooks hosting providers can be the hurdles. The speed of the servers might not be an observation if the accountant shifts a computer with low speed to a virtual environment with low server speed and larger downtime.

Very few accounting professionals feel that the problem is not because they might be inefficient but it is because their working system is what makes them so. A speed check can very well determine whether working on a certain hosted application is easy or not. Besides, server uptime and the time to respond are also important factors in determining the success regular accounting activities. Generally users perceive that cloud applications cannot run better than the desktop PC applications. The speed of user internet is quite important in connecting to the servers.

Once the connection to a QuickBooks hosting server is established, check for the running of applications. There might be some professionals that have their QuickBooks hosted over some poor quality remote servers. The frustrating server speed may cause the operations to be delayed thereby lowering the efficiency of the accountants. CPAs have to stay in constant touch with the clients so as to keep a track of client finances. Hosting environment cannot be neglected since it is a multi-user environment that allows multiple users to work on the same file. Since hosting is indispensable, it is always better to have secure servers with high speed and uptime.

It has been observed through many surveys that the CPAs suffering from slow server speed troubles have regained the lost strength of their clients. So, if you are one of the sufferers, try a good and reliable QuickBooks hosting provider. A free trial should always be taken before opting for the service.

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