Hosted QuickBooks Security – A Fueling Business Issue

QuickBooks hostingInternet seems to be wedded with the question of security. Any program or service running over the internet arouses the suspicion of some threat or attack creeping in. With all that around, the question “Is my accounting data secure?” is quite obvious. Though capital and operational expenses account for a major part of the decision for QuickBooks hosting, yet security consideration is equally important. How to ensure that your data is safe? There are three major points that can let you free from this mental turmoil of safety.

Physical Security

Wondering about the physical location of your servers and the connected security? Physically, there are massive data centers that have multiple servers set up at a single location. The hosted QuickBooks that the clients access from a remote location is hosted on such servers. Organizations committing to the security of your customer-sensitive information take care that all the access to the data center is authorized. This access is usually based on a two-step verifications process based on biometric as well as card based access. Moreover, this highly sensitive information storehouse is guarded by CCTV cameras to monitor access round the clock.

Virtual Security

The hosted QuickBooks network security is the most vulnerable of all. There is provision for a series of firewalls to protect the sensitive data. Intrusion detection systems ensure complete monitoring of any suspicious activity that takes place. The system is completely protected with antivirus software that protects each bit of data that is stored on the remote servers. Apart from this, proper 128-bit encryption is implemented at the network end and the LAN network is clubbed with proper tunneling. Data backup on different protected servers ensures that in case of any natural calamities, the client data will be secure and can be recovered to the mark of last checkpoint.

Trust is the key factor

You need to trust your provider. When considering QuickBooks hosting solutions, the providers do not offer legal documentation for the security of your data but they do offer their word. Even Intuit states in its documentation that the data may be used for comparative analysis but client data will not be accessible to any other company or to any unauthorized server personnel. The data lies secure with the hosts. They may perform some tests to analyze the weaker sections of their services but using or leaking out client data is what will break down their corporate image. Which organizations would want that?

So, if you are going for some hosted QuickBooks provider, make sure you ask about the security at both the physical and network end and lay your trust on your provider.

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