Enjoy Superior Accounting With Hosted QuickBooks

QuickBooks HostingThe hosted QuickBooks provider provides superior and secure accounting. QuickBooks hosting service providers have recognized the fact that the protection of online data requires the use of point IT security products in full combination with security intelligence products as alone the point IT security products are not enough. For an example, an antivirus may not be able detect a zero day attack on a specific given server. Correlating the server access log files in order to identify that the same server is being deployed to contact user end points and many other servers on the same private network and is also sending messages home to an unusual internet protocol address would provide an early warning that something is definitely amiss. Another example considers the use of the intrusion prevention system. Such a system, used by the cloud hosting solution vendors that host QuickBooks online, may prevent multiple failed attempts made so as to access a server from a particular internet protocol address, but may not be able to see that the data is already being copied from that server because of a single successful penetration from the same address. Correlating log files and event files can help in identifying that two such events are quite related, and can thus, lead to the prevention of theft of information.


Proactive real time intelligence gathering and then data correlation is therefore practiced by any adept QuickBooks online solutions provider in order to foil and prevent the huge range of increasingly sophisticated threats. However, many inefficient cloud computing solution vendors offering QuickBooks remote access still lack the necessary intelligence tools in order to achieve this. Such vendors usually analyze the data after a malicious event has occurred. The use of enhanced cyber security intelligence by QuickBooks hosting services providers is fundamental to preventing complex security threats and enabling their data security staff to perform their duties effectively. The real time deployment of the correlated security intelligence technology can effectively identify activities which otherwise may go unnoticed, and thus, prevent such activities from taking place at their very first. Such intelligence technology also enables a QuickBooks cloud hosting solution vendor in taking optimum decisions at the right point of the time. The IT staff of a QuickBooks hosting service provider is able to react effectively to the fast moving events, and also becomes confident enough to raise the alarm at the correct time. The latest security information tools and event management tools enable a hosted QuickBooks provider to deploy a very wide range of information sources in order to achieve the security goals. The proactive use of IT security intelligence along with latest model for attaining robust data security helps a hosted QuickBooks provider in offering superior accounting solution.

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