Be Free From Inventory Management Tasks with Fishbowl Inventory Hosting!!

fishbowl-inventoryFishbowl Inventory hosting helps much in inventory management. A Fishbowl Inventory hosting service provider offers a number of benefits. A Fishbowl Inventory hosting service provider utilizes tier four classed data center facilities that are SSAE No. 16 compliant. Customers of a Fishbowl Inventory hosting provider enjoy complete data security. QuickBooks add-ons host offers Sourcelink, dbLinkUp, Fishbowl, eBridge software, Adobe, CommTrack, etc. on cloud. Fishbowl Inventory on cloud vendor uses high tech fire extinguishing systems, biometrics technology, and other kinds of security systems to protect data from threats and intruders. The iris recognition method used by a Fishbowl Inventory hosting service provider uses the iris of the eye that is colored area surrounding the pupil. Iris patterns are unique to a human being and are obtained via the help of the video based image acquisition system. Structure of iris features a complex pattern. The iris pattern is taken by a cloud hosting services provider’s special gray scale camera in the distance of ten to fourteen centimeters of the camera. After the gray scale image of the human eye is obtained then the iris recognition software tries to locate the iris within the image. If an iris of the human eye is found then the advanced software of a cloud computing or application hosting solution vendor creates a net of curves covering the human eye’s iris. Based on the darkness of the points present along the lines the advanced software of Fishbowl Inventory management add-on hosting service provider creates the iris code.


Two factors have to be taken into the account by the experts. First factor to be considered is that the overall darkness of the image is affected by the lighting condition so the threshold of darkness must be computed in a dynamic fashion. Second factor to be considered by a QuickBooks accounting software hosting service provider that offers Fishbowl Inventory management add-on is that the size of the iris of the human eye changes as the size of the pupil of the human eye changes. Therefore, a proper transformation must be done before computing the iris code. During the decision process, the matching software of a QuickBooks add-on on cloud vendor takes the two iris codes and then efficiently computes the hamming distance that is based on the number of different bits. When the hamming distances score is within the range zero then this means the same iris codes. The hamming distances score is then compared with the security threshold in order to make the final decision. The computation of the hamming distance of the two iris codes, by a QuickBooks add-ons hosting service provider, is very fast. It only involves the counting of the number of bits in the exclusive case or of two iris codes. A Fishbowl on cloud vendor can also implement the concept of template matching in carrying out this technique. In the template matching, certain statistical calculation is done between a produced iris and a stored iris template. Depending on the obtained result decision is taken by a hosted Fishbowl Inventory vendor. By availing cloud hosting service from a Fishbowl Inventory host, organizations get twenty free of cost support service. A Fishbowl Inventory hosting service provider offers latest data backup technologies. An effective host offers about thirty days of rolling data backups.

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