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    Adobe Acrobat Hosting


    Adobe Acrobat Hosting –Through Real Time Cloud Services

      Fly Beyond the Expectations!!

      Adobe Acrobat Pro is an easy-to-use software allowing users to professionally communicate business ideas through corporate PDF. It enhances the experience of creating and modifying PDF data files with the inclusion of opulent media entities. This tool also alleviates all the setbacks experienced in sharing information in a secure manner and in gathering client feedback in a more efficient manner.

      Top Features of Adobe Acrobat Pro

      Creation of PDF Portfolios

      Accumulate a large range of resources encapsulating web pages, spreadsheets and videos into one impactful PDF portfolio. These can be easily customized to complement the brand and style of documents.

      Streamline PDF Tasks

      Automation of regular, multi-step jobs in the form of pre-defined actions taken with Acrobat Action Wizard is easy. Creation, management, execution and sharing of a batch of files can be implemented as a pre-defined process that is frequently followed.

      Easy-to-create Fillable Forms

      Simply gather records by generating fillable forms in PDF format. These forms can be circulated in paper form or can be filled online as an electronic document. The status can be properly tracked and the data can be analyzed easily.

      Benefits of Adobe Acrobat Hosting through Real Time Cloud Services

      Adobe Acrobat Hosting Allows Easy Sharing of Documents

      With Adobe Acrobat hosting, you can easily share your documents. You can quickly get access to the general response you require through easily manageable, public document feature that allows users to check out comments and participate in a sort of discussion. You are able to simply track the advancement in work and update documents.

      Adobe Acrobat Hosting Provides Extreme Reliability and Security

      Real Time Cloud Services’ hosting technology provides complete reliability and security for data. Data centers are SAS 70 Type II compliant. You get 99.9% uptime.

      Get Completely Free 24×7 Support with Adobe Acrobat Hosting

      By hosting Acrobat Pro through us, you get free 24×7 support via phone, chat, email, and remote desktop. Support is available even through mobile phones, iPhone, and iPad.

      Adobe Acrobat Hosting Provides Maximum Cost Efficiency

      Our hosting technology provides you maximum cost efficient hosting solutions. With Adobe Acrobat hosting through us, you save on the expenses incurred in running Acrobat yourself, such as, infrastructure, software, and hardware costs.

      Benefit From Dual Data Backup with Adobe Acrobat Hosting

      With Adobe Acrobat hosting, you get thirty days of daily rolling data backup at dual locations.

      Adobe Acrobat Hosting Offers Anywhere, Anytime, Multi-User Accessibility

      Adobe Acrobat hosting provides simultaneous accessibility for multiple users. With Adobe Acrobat hosting, you get anytime, anyplace, and instant access to your application hosting data.

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