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    ACT! Remote FAQs


    ACT Remote : FAQs

    What is the difference between ACT! Remote, ACT! For Web and ACT! Web?

    ACT! Remote Hosting means getting the ACT! Database hosted on a centralized terminal server. Users access the ACT! Application hosting just like a desktop interface. Since the application is installed and run on the terminal servers, the bandwidth requirement is quite low and the application access quite fast, accessible from anytime anywhere access.

    As compared to ACT! Remote, ACT! for web means hosting the ACT! Database on a server having a static IP address and accessing ACT! just like a web page. This means that application is accessible from anywhere and backup is also done by the service provider. But with ACT Hosting certain functionalities such as local printing and backup of data is easier.

    ACT! Web synchronization is different from ACT! Remote. It implies that the software and database is installed on a hosted server as well as on the user’s system. The centralized database is available to the user from anyplace, but in addition to that, a web version of the database is also accessible so that user can collaborate with others and update the CRM database.

    Is my ACT! Database secure with RTCS ACT! Remote services?

    Online database, remotely backed up, is found to be more secure as compared to the local network. Not only the data is automatically backed up daily, in multiple locations to protect against accidental loss, the network is fortified with latest firewalls and online security tools. Besides that, your data is backed up in RTCS Tier IV data centers accessible only to the concerned persons. RTCS monitors the network in real-time in 24x7x365 environment to protect against online threats to data. Above all, the client has the option to backup their data locally as well. Hence, you get the highest level of security with the ACT! Remote services.

    What will happen to my data if I want to discontinue the ACT! Remote service?

    RTCS ACT! Remote, ACT! For web or ACT sync solution comes at monthly subscription and carries no long term obligation. The client can discontinue anytime from the ACT! Remote service with no corresponding data hangover. The client can locally save any data anytime.

    Will I be able to use ACT! Add–ons with the ACT! Remote Hosting?

    Yes, clients will be able to use almost all Add-ons of their choice with ACT! Remote service.

    Is it possible to host QuickBooks or Peachtree together with ACT! Remote service

    Yes, ACT! and QuickBooks or Peachtree can be hosted together on terminal server with integration between them ensured.

    What is the additional Hardware requirement for ACT! Remote and ACT! For web Hosting?

    At the client’s end, only minimum system configurations are required. The database is hosted on the RTCS Terminal servers in case of ACT! Remote and ACT! For web Hosting. But for ACT! Web Synchronization access since the Software is installed additionally on users system as well, the system must be having 128 MB of RAM free for the software processing besides the other configurations.

    Do all the users require different ACT! Licenses to use the ACT! Remote service?

    Yes. Though only one ACT! Copy is installed on the terminal servers, all the users connecting to ACT! need separate license for the ACT! Software. The Service provider requires the serial number and licensing code to activate that users account.

    With ACT! Remote can I use other operating systems for accessing them?

    You can access the application on other OS’s like MAC, UNIX and Java with ACT! Remote Access. But this is not possible with ACT! For web and synchronized Hosting solution.

    I want to use RTCS ACT! Remote or ACT! For Web Hosting. How do I start?

    You just have to call one of our support team member at 888-408-6044 or visit the online order form on our website for placing an order. All the installation related support is provided by our support team and they will proactively guide you for initiating the ACT! Remote service.


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