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    ACT! Hosting


    ACT! CRM Hosting

    Moving Beyond the Desktop Applications

    CRM management cannot be chained to local desktop or enterprise premises. With internet easily accessible from anywhere and with the evolution of a Greener approach to IT establishment, the use of hosting is becoming more and more popular. The management of ACT! CRM on desktop is limited to a single user login and all files are located at a particular place with no facility of automatic backup.

    ACT Hosting brings a revolution by extending the functionality of this extensive and easy-to-use software. The client-specific version of software is installed on the remote Terminal servers. The client is handed over with dedicated server credentials. This server can be accessed from any part of the world and at any time and also has the provision of multi-user accessibility. User application and data are placed on this server which is regularly backed to secure client data. The best part about these services is that the solutions can be customized to meet the growing customer needs.

    Is ACT CRM Hosting a sustainable business opportunity?

    ACT hosting is a profitable deal for organizations with specific requirements to obtain the maximum functionality with minimum investment of cost and effort. It is a feasible choice under the following circumstances:

    • When some SME wishes to have its entire CRM infrastructure migrated to a consolidated source but is constrained with the enormous expenses involved.

    • When organizations or users are unable to gain mobile access to their data and applications. This happens mainly due to intensive IT network or fixed IP addressing.

    • When setting up security constraints, maintenance taskforce and regular backup becomes a difficult task due to the hefty operational expenses involved.

    • When the company wishes to concentrate on the research and development of its core business functionality while outsourcing the IT setup with some reliable hosting service.

    • When an organization is using Peachtree, QuickBooks or any other accounting software and needs to incorporate the use of ACT! CRM with the files of these applications.

    ACT Hosting pricing

    Why Choose The ACT! Hosting Pathway?

    The hard to ignore benefits of ACT! CRM hosting can be classified under three main heads:

    Monetary Benefits

    • Server hardware requirements are eliminated

    • Operational expenses are nullified as it is our responsibility

    • Installation and regular updates and version upgrade are not issues

    • Fixed space office is not a necessity as operations can be handled from anywhere

    • Pay-as-you-go business model saves additional investment

    Usage Benefits

    • Fully functional ACT! CRM can be hosted remotely

    • Unimaginably fast server speed

    • No additional technical acquaintance is required

    • Quick troubleshooting with high availability of 24×7 support services

    • Up-to-the-minute upgraded technical infrastructure to meet the growing industry demands

    Security Benefits

    • Physical server security implemented through data center authentication, biometric systems and live 24×7 monitoring of server space entry through CCTV cameras

    • Firewalls, intrusion detection systems and antivirus software are implemented for ensuring the security of cloud environment

    • 30 day rolling data backup for quick recovery in the event of any mishap

    • Backup at multiple locations promises data availability at any time

    ACT! Hosting with RTCS:  A Superior Solution

    Real Time Cloud Services, which is a major ACT! Hosting solution provider, is just the right ASP for small and medium business. The company’s qualitative service is matched by affordable pricing and availability of entire range of application Hosting solutions such as QuickBooks and Peachtree that can be integrated with ACT!
    ACT! Hosting Solutions are rated on the criteria of IT support, server infrastructure, server configuration and security of the hosted database.

    • Data backup: With ACT! Hosting service, you are assured of daily automatic backup of data in multiple locations. The company’s Tier IV datacenter based in California is highly secured, protected by latest firewalls and online security tools. The users are further able to locally backup and print the CRM files
    • Latest server configurations: Data integrity is the highest priority for and the company uses latest and most advanced servers for ACT! Hosting. ACT! Sync and ACT! Premium for web require that the ACT! Database is completely insulated from the web interface as both these services are outside firewall at the users end. RTCS ACT! Hosting ensures that the ACT! Database and the service interface for ACT! Sync and ACT! Web For premium resides on different servers so that the ACT! Database is highly secure.
    • Besides using the latest Cisco networking infrastructure solutions, the network is monitored 24x7x365 for security and fortified with latest Firewalls. ACT! Hosting service is further secured by providing the most comprehensive physical security to the premises where servers are located with strictest accessibility guidelines. Only the concerned support persons can access the premises.
    • Always on support : RTCS ACT! Hosting service comes with 24x7x365  support to troubleshoot your ACT! Hosting related problems in real time, through phone or chat. With an array of most experienced and Microsoft certified professionals to troubleshoot your problems and available round the clock you get the most proactive support and save both time and get help when you need.


    RTCS ACT! Hosting solutions:


    RTCS offers a complete range of ACT! Hosting solutions suitable to various needs of diverse users so that each users group is able to find the most affordable yet qualitative CRM Hosting service option.
    •ACT! Hosting on Terminal servers: In this hosting option ACT! By Sage and ACT! Premium for web is installed on latest Microsoft Terminal servers. Complete CRM database resides on our terminal servers and the users’ access the ACT! CRM as a local Desktop interface. The ACT! Terminal hosting solution allows access to the application from any place anytime thorough an online connection and supports multiple user access as well. Also users can locally backup and print files.

    Each user has individual profile and should have the ACT! License. ACT! Hosting on terminal server comes with  dual  backup of all data and also includes 24x7x365 support. ACT! Hosting on terminal server frees you to use the software from diverse platforms as well. ACT! Hosting option is most suitable for small and medium business that may have large numbers of users and coordination among them may be necessary.

    • ACT! For Web: In this Hosting option the ACT! Database is hosted on a commercial Virtual server which acts just like a dedicated server. This ACT! Hosting option also comes with Dual Backup of all data and always on support  and anywhere anytime accessibility to the database. Local backup and printing option also exists.

    • ACT! Web Sync: In this mode of ACT! Hosting solution, ACT! CRM is installed on the virtual servers as well as the users system or workstation. The synchronization essentially means that the users are automatically able to connect to a centralized dedicated database and simultaneous access to online version of their database as well. Anytime anywhere access, backup as well as 24x7x365 support is also possible with this ACT! Hosting option.

    ACT! Software can be integrated with various accounting applications such as QuickBooks and Peachtree. The benefits of Hosting ACT! together with other accounting applications is essentially in enhancing the productivity from the CRM software through providing  end to end solutions. Data generated during the accounting process can be integrated with for customer relationship management and vice versa. Not only time and resource for multiple data entry are saved, it also provides for effective forecasting generated out of interplay between financial and CRM factors.

    RTCS ACT! Hosting solution also provides for Hosting QuickBooks or Peachtree together with ACT! on a Workgroup Server.
    • ACT QuickBooks Integration: In this ACT! Hosting option ACT! as well as QuickBooks are hosted on terminal servers. The database located on the ASPs end is accessible from anyplace anytime and the integration between ACT! And QuickBooks ensured. Full features of ACT! and QuickBooks for any version chosen is possible and the service comes with assured backup. These Applications can also be integrated with Outlook, word and other software which is optional.

    • ACT! and Peachtree integration : In this ACT! Hosting option, both ACT! and Peachtree are Hosted on virtual server and effective integration is ensured by the service provider. Anytime anywhere access, backup and 24x7x365 support  comes pre-included with the service.

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