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    ACT! by Sage



    Customer relationship management has developed into one of the critical components for enhancing business productivity and growth with the primary focus on the customer, as a receiver of qualitative service and on the other hand a medium of future growth. ACT! By Sage is the most widely used CRM software conceptualized specially for Small and Medium business and can effectively streamline policies, processes and strategic intervention and unify outlook regarding customer interaction and tracking.

    ACT CRM can prove useful for meeting following objectives for small and medium business:

    1. Customer information organization: A well organized customer information system with corresponding customer history makes interaction with any clients more productive. With ACT! BY Sage CRM software not only are the company support staff well prepared with the information regarding a customer, it also obviate the need for obtaining customer details each time they interact with them. The complete knowledge about a customer beforehand may help the company to give a personal touch to the customer relationship. Use of ACT! By Sage CRM can help the company in creating sales, marketing as well as strategy formulation process.
    2. Business strategy forecasting: ACT Sage CRM can prove to be an important tool in developing business perspectives, strategy and devising actionable response to market needs. With a well organized and traceable customer details, the business performance monitoring and analyzing consumer behavior is easy. ACT! By Sage CRM can thus be used as an analytical tool to devise marketing campaigns such as email marketing and Drip marketing.
    3. Effective campaign marketing:  Customer knowledgebase and customer details maintained proactively through ACT!  By Sage CRM may help to create new target customers out of the existing clients of the company and sensitize them about the new products, which can be a cheap but highly effective marketing strategy.
    4. Collaborate among different departments: Normally different departments interact individually with the clients. But the interaction details obtained through a CRM such as  ACT! By Sage can help in Qualitative customer service and more business. Customer feedback, queries and response with respect to department can be used by other department to know more about customer behavior, preferences as well as different services required by the customers. This may help in customer retention as well as targeting for new business.

    Areas in which ACT CRM can be used are:

    1.  Manage all your customer information in one place.
    2.  Stay on top of your schedule with ease.
    3.  Create and send personalized letters, faxes, and e-mails.
    4.  Meet your sales goals with confidence with the ACT! CRM software.
    5.  Share complete customer information in a workgroup environment.
    6.  ACT! by Sage CRM works with Microsoft Outlook, handheld devices, paper organizers, and other popular products.

    An alternative to local ACT! CRM deployment is hosting the software with a third party Application Service Provider. The advantage with ACT! CRM Hosting is anywhere anytime access to the database, secured backup solutions as well as reducing IT infrastructure support cost, which is so critical from the point of view of small and medium business.

    What version of ACT CRM can be hosted?

    Real Time Cloud Services Hosts both the desktop version as well as ACT! for Web version. ACT! By Sage and ACT! By Sage premium both can be hosted on terminal servers with all their features and no new learning curve on part of the user.

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