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    Multi-User Accessibility from Anywhere and Anytime:

    If you are an accounting professional or employed with an organization that deals in accounts and looking for an online solution for remotely managing and assessing financial records and client payroll, all you need is to have a remote access to your QuickBooks database.

    RTCS allows you to set up instantaneous connections with your Hosted software and applications in a very secure environment, at any point of time and from any place in the world. Once you log into your Hosted QuickBooks software via a laptop or a personal computer, you get an opportunity to access all your data and files in real-time. After logging into our servers, you are authorized to use the hosted software and applications as if they are present in your local ambience.

    Employing our Hosted services means that your company’s employees become entitled to simultaneously access QuickBooks software and files from any place and at any time. This is suitable for companies who have their employees on the move all the time. With our hosted services, employees of an organization can work from their home or while travelling.

    Hosted QuickBooks installation

    RTCS has ensured the simplicity while installing Hosted QuickBooks. It does not need any technical expertise. All you need is to have an internet connection, a license for your present version of QuickBooks and login authorization from our services.

    Once the installation is accomplished, you will see an icon on your system. Hosted QuickBooks will function in the same way as if it were installed on your local system.

    Benefits of using Hosted QuickBooks from RTCS

    1. Access from any location:Never be confined to your office based computers or network. Various tax related and accounts related operations like Tax compliance can be performed at a remote location and all your clients will always have an access to the most recent, updated and accurate data. You have freedom to access your data with any device including a PC, thin client, laptop, and mobile device.
    2. No complications while sharing files:With Hosted QuickBooks, your clients, and employees have simultaneous access to the software and can work from the same online database. All the files are updated for everyone as soon as you save your work. Besides, you do not have to install a specific version of QuickBooks specifically on any of the systems being used. Data backups, transfer of large files and data synchronization are performed in a very advanced way, so you need not to worry.
    3. Diminish your IT expenditure:We will take care of all the technical aspects related to your company including data security, software updates, data backups, troubleshoots, and more. This will help you in saving money by eliminating your IT infrastructure.

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